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"Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine having such a FABULOUS
smile. Thank you Dr. Janice Wilson & staff. You're an amazing team. Dr.
Wilson is the goddess of teeth"

Sheila McPhee 2017

"Hi there;

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that my teeth look GREAT!!!! Thanks again!!"

Rosanne Best '13

"Thank you so much for the warm welcome and all your nice smiles every morning I came to your office. Thank you Dr. Wilson for making me at ease every step of the procedure. Thank you for the excellent service and I'm so looking forward to having my beautiful teeth!"

Ernestine Morais '13

"I could not be more pleased with the results of the work done by Dr. Wilson and her staff. I have no reservations in recommending her to anyone."

Bryan Moffatt '12

"My treatment was organized well and I was left with a great result. Friendly staff! Thanks!"

Jack '12

"I really wanted to thank you and your staff for all of your hard work and expertise and for doing such a wonderful job on my teeth. I love them and you fulfilled my "dream". You truly are an expert!! I am so happy that you will be "taking care of me and my teeth" now, knowing that I will be in terrific hands."

Dolores Whalen '11

"It is wonderful to know that teeth can be saved, reconstructed and enhanced as needed. If a tooth can be saved or brought back to a youthful condition Dr. Wilson and her staff can do it. Thank you."

Still Smiling '11

"Great results; professional team; would highly recommend."

Brian '11

"The nicest group of professionals. They always make time for you and you never feel rushed."

Kari '11

"Fear stops us from so many things! I know because I feared dental implants. If I could afford it, I would have every tooth (crowns) replaced with dental implants. I never had to take a Tylenol for pain! Dr. Wilson is extremely competent."

Ruth '11

"I am very pleased with my new tooth. The staff made me feel at ease during the entire process."

Janie Dasset '11

"I'm very happy with my new smile. The treatment went well and I was always confident that I was in excellent hands. I enjoy the compliments I receive and the daily care is as easy as with any dental care."

Diane Hebert '10

"AMAZING!! A lot of hard work by Dr. Wilson and her team has resulted in a complete face full of teeth that look amazing and have restored my dental health...and lots of compliments all around. If you have prosthodontic needs or desires, Team Wilson is definitely the one for you!"

Roy Tingley '10

"Dr. Wilson and her staff were wonderful. Kind, caring and very professional. She gave me the smile I always wanted. I can highly recommend Dr. Wilson."

Sue Kimball '10


Roseanna Waite '10

"This process has been worth every penny that I paid for it. For the first time in decades I have been able to eat apples and corn on the cob without pain. I no longer shy away from having my picture taken nor am I ashamed of my smile."

Donna '10

"It was a very difficult decision to have an implant because of the cost, not only financially but time wise, a long process. It turned out well in the end and over all the care was good. Very professional and high standards."

Patient '10

"Dr. Wilson is very kind and helpful. I'm very pleased with my new implants. She and her staff are very professional. I no longer need to hide my smile from everybody."

Chelsea Hansen '10

"Very satisfied with care given by Dr. Wilson and staff. Very professional, but caring and friendly at the same time. A life altering decision on my part, even though we don't have a dental plan as part of our insurance."

Patient '09

"Very satisfied. The results are beautiful and I now eat anything I want. Dr. Wilson and team are very professional, capable and friendly. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone seeking a beautiful new smile!"

Barbara '08

"I am very satisfied (with smile). Very professional and in my opinion best of class"

Val Bosse '08

"Dr. Wilson, I am your fan for life! I am so thankful for my 'new' teeth! I forget which ones they are. I have had no problems now. I was apprehensive about things before we started, but the explanations and your manner inspired confidence and downgraded my fears. My dental hygienist recently commented on 'the very good work, the best I've seen.' and I agree!"

Carrie Mawer '08

"Extremely pleased with everything! Very professional in every area!"

Jane '08

"I am very satisfied with the care I have received with Dr. Wilson's services. I was at the point of possibly loosing my four front teeth which are now capped and have been for several years. They appear very natural and I frequently have compliments on my beautiful teeth."

Margot '04

"Fixing my teeth was a daunting task. Having Dr. Wilson and her staff helping and advising every step of the way was very helpful. They were awesome! I am very happy with the results and can now smile with confidence!"

Jim Lawlor '08

"The care and treatment I received was by far the best dental and oral care I have ever experienced. The final results were outstanding. Dr. Janice Wilson and her team are very professional and do an excellent job in planning and following through with the care and treatment plan giving excellent results. Absolutely the best oral care provider."

Beth Landry '08

"The total care and professionalism throughout my entire process was exceptional. Dr. Wilson's prefectionist quality is well deserved. I was always informed and not pressured at any time in the process for unnecessary services or products. In addition her staff were on top of my file. I would not hesitate for a moment in recommending Dr. Wilson for her specialized services....."

Chuck Kingston '07

"I have been very pleased by the top quality of Dr. Wilson's work."

Wendy Rogers '07

"I have had a very positive experience. Appointments are usually on time and I have had caring and compassionate treatment from Janice and the staff. Its not always fun but they do the best they can to make you comfortable."

Sue MacDonald '07

"Overall care and organization of treatment- Perfect, Quality of final results- Perfect, Confidence level in our abilities- Very confident."

Susan '07

"For me remembering back to each visit to Dr. Wilson there was a sense of trust for her ability and for her to be able to be there for you. Years later I have a sense of strength. Smiling because it was all worth it."

Jean A '07

"Fantastic results. Made a big difference in my life."

Hugh Whalen '07

"Friendly staff, very welcoming. Dr. Wilson has done an amazing job with my denture. I have never had any problems; they look very natural. Appointments are always on time. Dr. Wilson makes you feel at ease with having to wear a denture."

Marilyn MacEachern '07

"Very satisfied with care and organization of treatment. Quality of final results was excellent. Very professional."

Martine Laflamme '07

"I cannot say anything but the utmost praise for the wonderful professional and personable team that assisted me through this long process. Everything was well organized with the team that I had working with me. Dr. Wilson, Dr. LaCroix (Periodontist) and my own family dentist in Saint John all worked diligently and kept in touch with each other regarding my treatment and the end result is absolutely beautiful.

The confidence that I have now since my dental implants is more than I even anticipated that it would be. Also, I would like to add that I am healthier because of the various foods that I am able to eat now. I recommend Dr. Wilson and her team to assist anyone interested in this approach to dental care.

I would go through everything and the long process all over again to be where I am today! I had the best and we achieved the best results!"

Doris E. Morrison (Garey) '07

"Great results. Happy with my teeth and smile. Dr. Wilson is my tooth ferry!"

Nina S. '07

"Quality service, Flexible. Timely Reminders. Answers to questions. Pleasant service."

J.C. Van Spingelen MD '06

"The appointment schedules presented no problems or conflicts. I am very happy with the final results of this treatment as is my family Dentist and Hygienist. My dental health is much improved regarding bite. There was a few times due to illness I needed to change appointments, this seemed to be a non-issue."

D. Larsen '06

"Overall care and organization of treatment was wonderful. Quality of final results was excellent. Very Confident in level of ability. I am so very pleased with the expert care and attention. My family and friends admire my "smile" everyday!"

Becky Burgess '06

"Satisfaction with with overall care and organization of treatment 100%. Satisfaction with quality of final results 100%. Satisfaction of confidence level in our abilities 100%. Glad I did it...I should have done it sooner.."

Daniel Guest '05

"Excellent care and confidence in total dental treatments. Would recommend this office to family and friend. Staff always very pleasant."

Baba '05

"Dr. Wilson and team are very easy to relate to. Very down to earth."

Paulette Durnnian '05

" I enjoy chewing properly as much as the esthetics."

Karen Olmstead '05

"Very satisfied. Very thorough process. Final results were excellent. I needed much work done and Dr. Wilson was the quarterback."

David Ganong '05

"Very satisfied"

Margaret Drost '05

"When one compares Dr. Wilson with experiences with other dental offices one sees the huge difference in technology and training. No one wants to be treated by the cheapest medical doctor-we should think the same about dentistry."

Don Olmstead '05

"Extremely satisfied with final result. Would recommend implants to anyone considering this treatment. Love my smile!"

L. A. Murray '05

"Dr. Janice,

Just a word to thank you for the superb treatment that you and your team provide to our mutual patients.

I saw Mrs. Dagmar Hrncirik today! All in great. Maintenance is impeccable. Patient very happy with the outcome."

Dr. Jean Gauthier '05

"Very satisfied with the overall treatment received at your clinic although I was very apprehensive with the treatment the whole experience has been positive, thanks to the level of abilities and professional demonstration by Dr. Wilson and all of her staff."

Gary. H. '04

"I am totally satisfied with my level of care and treatment. Dr. Wilson is very personable easy to talk to and I am totally confident in the care she gives. If an emergency occurs, she will get you right in. Visiting the dentist has been a fear all my life until I met Dr. Wilson. Now it is a pleasure!"

Lorraine C. '04

"I am very satisfied with the care I have received. Great results and I am very confident with the abilities of Dr. Wilson and her team. I would recommend her highly."

Lee Dufour '08

"What can a person say when the confidence of having a smile, that is, what I've desired for some time - Thank you!! I've been a patient of Dr. Wilson for some time and I'm always satisfied with the outcome."

Steve Ginnish '04

"The restoration of healthy teeth and an attractive smile can be a life-changing event. I highly recommend Dr. Janice Wilson for her professional excellence and for the attention she gives to her clients well being in subsequent regular check-ups."

JCP, Fredericton '03

"Just a note to express my delight with, and thanks for, my most valuable fashion accessory...my fabulous smile! You and your wonderfully kind, caring, and competent staff kept my spirits up throughout the, sometimes tortuous process and it was worth every minute, every discomfort and every cent!"

Gail Kajiura '03

"Excellent follow-up and professional service - "The Very Best.""

David Wasson '03

"Been coming for years. Had a full meal deal from implants to full restoration. Beautiful results, teeth look real not fake. Great Job."

Michael Banks '02

"I had a lot of work done and Janice did a great job."

Bart '02

"I am completely satisfied with the service I have received in the past 10 years. Dr. Wilson and all her staff are wonderful to deal with."

Rose Landry '02

"Overall care and organization of treatment was tremendous and caring with professional expertise. Final results included throwing away the terrible denture and getting my bite back. I could eat properly again! I am 100% confident in Dr. Wilson's abilities.

Patient '01

" Excellent care and organization of appointments with regards to treatment plan. Overall results were very good. The fit and the color of the crowns were excellent. I had no problems after treatment and it has been a number of years. I have every confidence in Dr. Wilson and her team. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Janice Wilson."

Patient '01

"The overall care, organization of treatment, quality of final results, confidence level in abilities were all very good. I would like to think that anyone should be satisfied with the result of all work done in this office."

Brian F. Guthrie '01

"Dr. Wilson and her staff make very visit a pleasant experience. You are assessed quickly - all questions are answered so the patient understands the whens and whys. Our family has been very pleased with the final results. We would not think of going to anyone else."

Cynthia Allaby-McCain '01

"Overall care and organization of treatment has been good. Satisfied with the final results. Very confident with the level of abilities."

Janet McAuley '04

"It has been approximately 13 years now and it has been a great journey with your wonderful overall care and concern. The results have been overwhelming and wonderful and highly recommended."

Ruth Spence '01

"Very good care and follow up for the treatment and after as well. I like the final results. I am very confident about the service and competence. They are always positive, smiling, and very concerned about your well being and explaining the treatment."

Claire Dube '01

"Thanks to you and your staff for 10+ years of problem free chewing!"

Eric MacIntosh '2000

"Pam - Thanks for all your hard work in order to "schedule me in!" You are a sweetie! Just the fact that you asked to see the work that was done and was excited shows you are doing what you were meant to...CARE!

Kellie - Thanks for making me as comfortable as can be and taking my "x-rays" so fast when you knew it was uncomfortable for me. I'll bring you a CD!

Dr. Wilson - Thank you for my new smile and being so sweet. I feel a real sense of comfort in your chair, because you care. I am so happy, I can't stop smiling!!!"

Patti Fowlie '04

"Thanks for all your help throughout this procedure!"


"While getting work done at Dr. Wilson’s office I was always more than
satisfied. Not only did I end up with excellent results but Dr. Wilson and her
staff were always very professional, helpful and friendly. I couldn’t have gone
to a better office to get work done on my teeth. The work I had done was
extremely important as it greatly affected my smile and oral health. I had to
have crowns put on my four front teeth due to an accident and after my first
visit I was very confident that I would be very happy with the results and I

Maura Riordon '10

"Very satisfied with my new teeth. The quality of care and confidence level was excellent. Counldn't believe in just one appointment I went home with a bridge and 5 crowns making my whole upper mouth perfect. Level of care was the best!"

Sharron Savoie '10

"Since I had implants, in the care that I received was very good, when I had a problem I phoned and got right in, they fixed the problem. The organization of treatment was and is still great. I never thought I would have a full mouth of teeth again, once I seen Dr. Wilson and she came up with a plan, she stuck with it and now I have all my teeth and my confidence level has been extra good."

Brent Stevens '10

"Exceptional work done. I have all the confidence in the world with Janice, very nice person!! I think she is awesome. Keep up the good work. Thank you."

Pat MacLeod '02

"I'm totally thrilled with the professional work done by Dr. Wilson and her team which has been a real success. I'm very happy that I had it done and appreciating that it will give years of enjoyment. Thank you Dr. Wilson and your team"

Valdrien Bosse '08

"Extremely Satisfied."

Wanda '07

"The overall care and organization of treatment was exemplary!! The quality of the final results could not be improved upon. I have utter confidence in Dr. Wilson's abilities. I recommend you everywhere I have a real conversation."

Dr Astrid Brunner '01

"I have been visiting Dr. Wilson for treatment for Neuralgia and have benefited from the well organized and administered office, as well as the competence and excellent approach to my concerns. Dr. Wilson is a knowledgeable and considerate practitioner and my visits to her office are valuable to me."

Cathy Tait '09

"Thank you for all your hard work, time and dedication in getting my teeth 'sorted' out. My smile will be 'brighter' for it!"

Jose Dube '04

"Very satisfied with the results."

Paula Ryder '06

"Thanks so much for our wonderful new "smiles." Our appreciation for a job well done! We've enjoyed your professional and friendly staff."

Robert and Pat Hanselpacker '00

"I can't thank you enough for my wonderful new smile. I know I was difficult when I first saw them. But now that I'm used to them, I just 'LOVE' them! Thank you so much!!"

Pat Chamberlain '02

"Just a few words to thank you for evaluating my referred patients and for reporting so well after your examination. I realize that unfortunately, a certain number of my referrals do not get treatment done as recommended by you.

Once the patients have decided on their selected options for extensive treatment, members of our team feel confident that our patients were referred to one of the best Prosthodontist who could solve their oral rehabilitation needs. I only wish more would accept to go ahead with the recommended treatment."

Dr. Jean Gauthier '04

"Thanks for a great smile!"

Jane Barry '00

"Thank you for the wonderful smile"

Elain T.

Hope you're smiling too. Thank you for making me smile proudly. Great Job."

Crystal & Richard

"'Nothing short of fabulous!' That's what you have achieved! Dear Dr. Wilson and Jurgen and Staff. Thank you sincerely."

Julf and Eszter

"Dr. Wilson & Staff,

Thank you very much for the excellent care you gave me when I injured my teeth. You made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I really liked turning the light on and off and riding the chair.

Thanks again!"

William Age 3

"Thanks for your prompt service."

Byron McGrath

"Excellent, great care to do right procedures. Best results experience in 30 years. Full confidence, procedure explained in details and carried out to complete satisfaction."

Ken B '10

"Thank you for all the kindness and help you gave me. P.S. Keep smiling!"

Jamie Hogan

"Implant Dentistry has given me back a quality of life which I haven't experienced since I had my natural teeth. Having been a complete denture wearer since a teenager and experienced the problems associated with long term denture wear. Implants have helped me regain the sense of security and well-being that many denture wearers no longer enjoy.

The return of sense of taste, speaking with a sense of confidence and smiling knowing that my teeth will not slip or move, participating in sports - skiing - diving - no fears of falling, losing or even breaking these dentures.

Implant Dentistry has reintroduced me to the 'Good Life.'"


"Dear Dr. Wilson, Kelly and Gail,
Thank you for providing such professional and excellent care during my treatment. Enclosed is a recipe for each of you."

Sari Justason '00

"Dear Janice,
We are so truly grateful for you! As if sent from heaven. Again, thank you for asking us to participate."

Kobus & Danita at United Dental
Sponsors of the May 2013 Dental Lecture

Dear Dr. Wilson,
Today I saw our mutual patient in a final follow up regading a dental implant placed in position #24 in July 2013.
The implant appears well integrated, peri-implant probing is normal and the restoration is perfectly adapted. The patient is very satisfied and I congratulate you on the quality of your care.
Looking forward to our continued collaboration.

Alexandre Dostie DMD FRCD (C) Dipl. ABOMS

I really enjoyed the professional care I received from Dr. Wilson and her
staff. The staff are so pleasant and friendly that I felt totally at home
and relaxed under their care. I am extremely please with the results and
would recommend Dr. Wilson to anyone wanting quality service

- Chris M. 2016

All of the above- Overall care and organization of treatment, quality of
final results and confidence in our abilities. She became my angel, in the
misery I was in and made everything perfect. This is my best Christmas
present ever! Thank you Dr.Wilson.

- Fern Tompkin

The cleaning process is amazing & painless! The girls are wonderful & service is amazing. Dr. Wilson is a perfectionist and every detail is on point. I used to stress about cleanings but not anymore. Highly recommend this office.


I'm really pleased with the final result!! Dr. Wilson is really competent and professional! I certainly would recommend her! She's a good listener and really cares!
Thank you

Alfred Brown

You should be proud of your practice. You have all the small but important detail in place.
- Your staff is 12/10
- Your staff knowledge 12/10
- The view from the chair 12/10
Thank-you for changing lives by letting them smile. You deserve the praise Dr. Fagen.

Bruce Pond

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